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Tips to Transitioning Your Summer Clothing to Fall Fashions by Kerry London Myers

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Hello rain, fog and chillier weather on Hood Canal. If you have a pretty tight clothing budget, the change in seasons might not be all that welcome. We get it, you love your flip flops, summer dresses, and light tops. Don’t fret if our changing window displays at the Cameo Boutique & Wine Shop remind you that you’re not ready for fall. We have a sneaking feeling your closet is full of fair weather fashion ensembles, but don't pack them away quite yet. By adding a few key pieces from our Shop and wearing your summer favorites in different ways, you can mitigate a frugal clothing budget. #hoodcanal #frugalbudget


Layer Up

Layering is a simple fashion-forward and functional way to step into fall. As you layer up your summer clothes, you create looks that actually keep you warm in a brisk breeze. Use your longer length tank tops or tunics over fun tights, then layer with your favorite light summer top and finish with a fun cardigan, sweater or jacket. Don't forget to embellish with a fashionable scarf, hat and boots! At the Cameo Boutique & Wine Shop, there is a variety of new accessories and clothing pieces for you to #layerup!

Keep Your Maxi Dresses

Refashion your maxi dresses by wearing them over cozy long sleeves. Whether it's a belted blazer, a chunky-knit sweater, or even a knotted chambray shirt, the trick to wearing a maxi dress in the fall is to layer up and then define your waist to offer added structure. The end result is a beautiful fall casual outfit. I covered up my dress with a mustard colored sweater by Kaleidoscope Accessories and recycled one of my belts from a summer pant suit! #wintermaxidress #kleidoscopeaccessories

Add Jewel Tone Colors

We love the idea of colors that reflect the beauty of fall. The pastels and bright pinks of the spring and summer give way to rich jewel and earth tones. Take my white and black striped dress in the first photo for instance. It was perfect for that fun girl’s get together I attended last August, but now you can add some heavier textures and jewel tones like the long flowing mustard yellow floral vest. Consider pairing it with a denim jacket and a sleek pair of booties. Suddenly the addition of jewel tones perks up the white dress offering an exciting new fall-appropriate outfit.

Accent with a brown or grey leather handbag or splurge with a one of a kind satchel from local purse maker Gayle Johnson. Tagua by Soraya Cerdena, our line of organic handmade jewelry is a perfect solution to earring and necklace options. Each piece is handcrafted from a palm tree nut native to the lush tropical rainforests of Ecuador. #taguajewelry #jeweltones

Add Tights or Leggings

We love tights! By stocking up on tights, which generally cost an affordable $6 to $15, you have a way to extend the life of your favorite summer skirts and dresses. A pair of gray textured tights worn with your favorite summer skirt and boots is about as autumnal as a spiced pumpkin latte from Starbucks. If you’re not into tights, try our leggings by Charlie Paige. Some styles look a lot like pants, but have tons of stretch. They’re perfect to wear under your summery tunics for more coverage, while still staying fashion-forward. #charliepaige #leggingsforlife

Add a Fun Jacket

Denim. Denim. Denim. You can't go wrong with a cute denim coat and scarves are a perfect way to make a statement, especially when the Cameo Boutique & Wine Shop has beautiful yellow and blue jewel toned scarves on hand to help you out. Blazers are making their way back to showrooms and are increasingly popular. A good blazer makes you look put together even if you're just wearing it with converse and a t-shirt! It doesn't hurt that blazers are super trendy, either as a separate or suit - so why not make it fun? Look for Cameo's line of denim coats later this year! #cameoboutique #blazers #denim


Kerry London Myers is a contractor for the Cameo Boutique & Wine Shop specializing in merchandising, wine tasting and marketing. She owns and operates Hood Canal Events, a local event and recreation company, but spends part-time at the Shop with owner, Pamela Hanson. Cameo Boutique & Wine Shop is open daily from 10AM-5PM featuring a variety of fashions, accessories, gifts, specialty foods, and wines from around the world.

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